Home-raised Beef Bundles For Sale


If you're interested in locally-raised, sustainable, and delicious beef, you've come to the right place! The only condition we have is: make sure you have freezer space! 

Our home-raised beef is full of flavour! We have repeat customers who can't go back to buying beef at the supermarket! 

Beef bundles are available in bundles of 1/4 animal, 1/2 animal, or full animal. Each beef bundle contains a variety of cuts. 

Contact us for prices:  306-231-3986 (Lyal) or 306-231-8783 (Michell)

 Check out our virtual tour of the farm and get an idea of how much we care for our cattle: video HERE 

We look forward to serving you - and if we already have, thank you for your business. 

We hope you enjoy your Triple H Beef Bundle! 

If you have further questions about beef products in Canada (or anything food and agriculture related), you can visit this website created by Agriculture in the Classroom Canada!


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