Hereford Harvest 

The Hereford Harvest sale this fall will take place on O'Connor's farm near Vibank, Saskatchewan on Friday October 20th 2017! We look forward to visiting with you all! 

Please follow this link to see the BuyAgro digital version of the Hereford Harvest sale catalogue:

Give us a call or come on by to check out more of our sale animals!

Heidecker Mischief ET 7C           DOB: Jan 18/15   BW: 102 lb YW: 1065
 RVP Star 533P Can-Am ET 57U X JVJ Miss Thunderette 3X


Heidecker Cyan 17C   DOB: Feb 15/15 BW: 97 lb  WW:617 lb                              

OVHF 167U BlueHills 1X X McCoy 25M Melissa 188X       For Sale

Heidecker Calypso 19C DOB: Feb 18/15 BW: 97lb WW:686 lb                               (picture coming)

OVHF 167U BlueHills 1X X McCoy 49S Susie 7W                For Sale

Heidecker Victory 2C  DOB: Jan 2/15 BW: 95 lb      WW:600lb  YW:1100 lb

Golden-Oak 4J Maxium 28M X McCoy 25M Vickie 23X    For Sale


 Heidecker Duff 37D  Heidecker Adrenalin ET 15ZX McCoy 49S Moxie 84W

DOB: Mar 21/16      For Sale

Heidecker Tennessee 10C DOB: Jan 21/15 BW:92 

Heidecker Nebula ET 4A X Twin-View 4L Carmilla 36Y   For Sale

Heidecker Davi 11D   DOB: Feb 3/16  BW 98 lb

Square D Tortuga 953T X Twin-View 4L Gia 101Y   for Sale