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Heidecker Mischief ET 7C           DOB: Jan 18/15   BW: 102 lb YW: 1065
 RVP Star 533P Can-Am ET 57U X JVJ Miss Thunderette 3X


Heidecker Cyan 17C   DOB: Feb 15/15 BW: 97 lb  WW:617 lb                              

OVHF 167U BlueHills 1X X McCoy 25M Melissa 188X       For Sale

Heidecker Calypso 19C DOB: Feb 18/15 BW: 97lb WW:686 lb                               (picture coming)

OVHF 167U BlueHills 1X X McCoy 49S Susie 7W                For Sale

Heidecker Victory 2C  DOB: Jan 2/15 BW: 95 lb      WW:600lb  YW:1100 lb

Golden-Oak 4J Maxium 28M X McCoy 25M Vickie 23X    For Sale


 Heidecker Duff 37D  Heidecker Adrenalin ET 15ZX McCoy 49S Moxie 84W

DOB: Mar 21/16      For Sale

Heidecker Tennessee 10C DOB: Jan 21/15 BW:92 

Heidecker Nebula ET 4A X Twin-View 4L Carmilla 36Y   For Sale

Heidecker Davi 11D   DOB: Feb 3/16  BW 98 lb

Square D Tortuga 953T X Twin-View 4L Gia 101Y   for Sale