A Strong Foundation

 We believe in building on the quality genetics of the families that we've chosen!  We want to continue to move the Hereford breed forward in the beef industry through the use of EPD's and ultrasound technology information gathered by our Canadian Hereford Association!

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JVJ Miss Thunderette 3X              

DOB: Jan 4/10                  

JVJ Love Letter 7X

DOB: Jan 1/10            

 Heidecker Miss Style 16C

 DOB: Feb 14/15      


Twin-View 4L Carmilla 36Y     

 DOB: Feb 11/11                   

Heidecker Claire 7Z 

DOB: Feb 23/12    

Heidecker Eva 5Z

DOB: Jan 31/12           

Heidecker River ET 10Z

DOB: Mar 3/12           

McCoy 49S Moxie 84W

DOB: March 3/09

Heidecker Claire 7Z

DOB: Feb 23/12

GHC Miss Pearl 14X

DOB: Feb 3/10

McCoy 25M Vickie 23X

DOB: Feb 23/10



Sire: Feltons Legend 242

Dam: Sky 62J Thunderette 102L

Sire: Elm'Lodge Next Big Thing 3N

Dam: CCR JVJ May Copper Rose ET 71S

Sire: Heidecker Nebula ET 4A

Dam: JVJ 18L Miss Fancy 8X

 Sire: Harvie Ladies Man 4L

Dam: Twin -View 24H Demi 15S

Sire: Haroldson's Tank 45P 10W

Dam: Roselawn Piper 154U 10X 

Sire: McCoy 55M Absolute 49S

Dam: McCoy 25M Melissa 188X 

Sire: GHC Volume lll ET 139S

Dam: Circle -D 137K Marie 26R

Sire: McCoy 55M Absolute 49S

Dam: DXB 6N Moxie 51S

Sire: Haroldson's Tank 45P 10W

Dam: Roselawn Piper 154U 10X

Sire: Harvie Traveler 69T

Dam: DXB 10M Mandy 29T

Sire:  GHR Millionaire 10E 25M

Dam:  McCoy 32V Vickie 144R